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Brass candelabra
Posted by Jennifer Morton on December 5, 2018 at 9:58am in Whadja Find Today
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Hi, I have these 2 brass candelabra I bought recently at a second hand store to use for Halloween, I only paid a few £'s for them, they don't seem great quality but they do look quite old. Could anyone please give me an idea of age/value so I can decide what to do with them? The one with the tripod Base may even be mis-matched as the centre candle holder is different and looks more silver coloured and has some engraving on (says something like To M Mala, thanks in advance for any info :) Jenny

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Your pictures are upside down. To view them I have to stand on my head! LOL (I'm just kidding you).

They are NOT chandeliers, but rather candelabras or candlesticks. The values on eBay range from below $100 USD to over $1,000. USD.  EBay(USA) has 7 pages, 45 per page, of similar.

Are you certain they are brass? They're very dirty/tarnished and a better price can be obtained for shiny ones.  The lower part looks like cast iron, painted gold; run a magnet over the different parts. But, they could be sand cast brass too.

Don't look to me to have great age. Do look to be made of tarnished cast brass. I would guess made in India early to mid 20th century, possibly some other far/middle/near eastern country. If the candle cups safely unscrew you can examine threads. It does look like the candle cup that is scratched with a name has been replaced (can't tell what it reads from your pic, but it sounds like you can). There are a lot more vintage brass candelabra's than there are people looking to buy them, so not great value. If they were hand-decorated with a fetching design there would be more demand.

Thanks for the info & help :) Much appreciated :) Apologies for the upside down photo's! Not sure what happened there! I will get the hang of the site soon hopefully!

The odd part is, when you click on your picture, it becomes right side up?

My last two posts have made my pic turn sideways?  Luckily, we are all creative adults here!  :)

Personally, I think the one middle candle holder with the engraving might mean something...not sure how to proceed to research that theory, but that is my humble opinion.

The candle holders are mass produced but in sections, for example, the bases can be found in use on other products such as lamps and gas lanterns.

The two methods I've seen used are the base, mid-section and candle holder pots are each cast as separate pieces which are then simply assembled, sometimes in a permanent manner other times simply screwed together. Alternatively, they are still separate sections, but in once assembled are then cast as one piece. I've found it most common to be the first style.


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