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Here is a blueish green vase I recently picked up it is approximately 8 1/4 inches long. I looks to me to be hand made because it is not even. I liked it because of the color and have no idea if it is new or old. Thank you for any help.

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There is a similar vase for sale, same company, different style, for $199.99.  No information found about the company that made it.  Personally, I think it looks like a Florist's vase that comes with a bouquet of flowers, and I would value it for $10-20.00, but that is just my opinion.

The party who has the listing has no information about the vase and has listed at a high price, perhaps hoping to sell it. She can come down if it doesn't sell.


Thank you for your response. That is also the only one i was able to find when the guy was selling it on ebay. I have had no luck finding the maker an i have looked at hundreds of pottery hallmarks. Thanks again.

Don't give up looking for that mark. It will turn up someday. If someone thought enough of their output to have that distinctive stamp made, SOMEBODY will have bought their work and it will turn up eventually. Who knows where that seller came up with the $200, selling price, but they must think the quality is worth it. Slab created and beautiful glaze color.


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