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Who was Betty Lou? Somebody made a spoon of her.

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well that's wierd, this spoon came from a very old homestead. I just can't imagine something there from the muppets, but, oh well., hey Thanks for the info, Liz! -chris

No, it's not the Betty Lou of the Muppets - LOL

I believe she was an late 19th or early 20th century character. There were shoes, and other advertisments with her name. I don't recall if it was a fictional character or not?

Radio show character ~ cereal premium


Some info found on these sites ~





And the most recent ended ebay auctions


They don't seem to be selling


Don't forget to eat your oatmeal!

ya know I read about her last night, kind of weird, but part of Americana I guess. And no, they don't seem to be a real hot seller., Hey Thanks for your reply and the info!  -chris


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