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Found some attic treasures. Could any be antiques? Thank you! :)

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i only know about 2 of these ,, the pitcher is a harvest fruit carnival glass pitcher that is from the 1950's and the porcelain  lamps above them are from the same era

The shape and design of the "carafe" is being described as a cocktail shaker on Pinetrest.

to me, this looks like your scale, but yours is much more complete.

Molly is correct.

Fairbanks Scales have been making and selling scales since 1830 and still do today.

Your particular scale was sold between 1875 to 1885.

The amethyst blue pitcher is by Indiana Glass Co, circa 1973, (I have a complete set) Harvest pattern. It is "New carnival glass". Value is around $35.00 USD.

IGCo also produced the same pattern in gold (1975) and amber (1978).

Keri, re your question, the scale is an antique. (100 yrs old +).

Suggestion: In the future post one (1) item only.  See Instructions #3, 4, 5 & 6. You can have as many Posts as you need.  This way your posts, pics and replies stay together.


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