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These two tiny paintings on glass appear to have been re-purposed as buttons somewhere along the way. The one with the swallow has a Scovill Co. metal shank added and the smaller black trimmed one has a nondescript metal shank added too. My button experts think they were not buttons originally. They are so well painted and decorated that I feel they must have had a real purpose:  tiles? game chips? The top one is about 3/4" long and the other is maybe an inch. Anyone?

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Are you certain these are glass?  They look like ceramic tile to me. The patterns are reminiscent of "blue willow" which is English porcelain.  

With a ceramic tile cutter or a glass cutter, small tiles can be made and polished smooth. When I Googled, Blue willow tile, clicked Images, many small tiles came up. A few in the beige color.

I even found an I-pad cover in "blue willow"...

Hi Tom

Thanks! You got me back on the trail today and I think I have them figured out.  I am pretty certain that they are not ceramic and know that they are complete pieces, the images are fully realized. I saw a couple on eBay that look to be the same material repurposed as earrings. What I think they are, are pieces designed to be used in jewelry, perhaps bezel set in a ring or in a story bracelet.  Admittedly most of the Persian story bracelets I see online are made of ivory or bone. Didn't find any glass ones.


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