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Hey so I picked this up today and it looked cool possibly old but mostly I just liked it anybody know antlything about pieces like this I dunno what it's made of if it was mass produced or anything haven't found anything like it in the internet as I'm not sure what to search any info is welcome, thanks guys

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Hi Ryan

Your vase is most likely a resin mold, with hand carved decorations.

I found this vase online, VTG MID CENTURY MODERN Asian Carved Vase Resin/Ivory

and Ivory Coloured Resin Molded Vase

It looks basically the same as yours but there are several differences with the finer details, so I'd say they are not cast from the same mold, assuming these are molded vases at all.

It's hard to say just from sighting three vases alone, if more turn up and they are all different to each other, I'd say they would be hand carved.

Perhaps the vase blank is molded in resin, but then the design is carved by hand.

Texas Antique Mall has a write up showing an image of the same style vase in an article displaying the differences between ivory and resin etc...  more about on their website.

Ryan,welcome to IAO. At the head of this group are Instructions on how to describe your item, esp. #3, 4, 5 and 6.  You have the item, we don't. All we have are pictures.  We don't even know how tall it is or what the throat or bottom looks like. Looks more like a vase to me but I can't see the top.

What is it made of; you can touch it,we can't.  You gotta help us. What did the Seller tell you? It looks like ivory to me, but if it is you need proof from the seller as to its age.  Maybe it's rhino horn...if it is it could be worth half a million dollars...not a bad find.

Also, text messaging is great for cell phones but your sentence starts with "Hey" and ends with "guys" and doesn't say much.

I know you're new here and it's a bit confusing, but bare with it and it gets easier.

Hi Ryan

I just wanted to point out the 'vases' I found online were only 7" tall, so they could indeed still be used as a candle holder as well.  I referred to them as vases simply because that is how they are listed on every website I found them on.

I'm not sure of the measurements of your item.


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