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I have not been able to find information regarding this bowl or another similar therefore I am seeking help!.

The bowl is unmarked, maybe a label originally but no longer intact. Bowl purchased from an Estate Sale, in the most desirable area of Dallas.

The original owner ran a catering business from her home servicing the local area for many years.

I suspected this bowl may have been a gift to her from one of her clients since there were not many "unusual" glassware pieces. 

At first impression one might believe the bowl is blown glass (I Did). It is not as thick or heavy as something like expected from Murano. The bowl is formed with the shape of four upturned leaves, exterior of bowl has texture, interior of bowl smooth.

The bottom base is the square lozenge. The rim of the bowl has the smallest rimming of clear glass almost as if the colored glass made then the clear dipped/poured over?.

The bowl is a shade of green combined opaque off white in a swirling pattern.

This bowl appears to me similar to cloud glass yet this bowl is not as faint in color or not as translucent. This bowl form has similar characteristics to the Champs-Elysees monumental Lalique (the irregular rim, leaf). The bowl is of a center piece serving bowl size.   

Any ideas? 

Thank you, Donna 

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