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Can anyone give any approx value to this beautiful oil painting I won in an online auction? It has some corner plates on frame dating 1885. 

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Can you provide a close up of the artists signature which I can just see in the bottom right, Frieda something... Beckman... Buckhan... Backman...?

Although, the dates on the corner plates are only in relation to the registration of the invention being patented, ie the c, it does seem far more likely to be framed around the same time as opposed to a more modern day framer using extremely old framing components.

The signature on bottom right is not like a normal artist signature. Appears to have been scratched into the painting, rather than as an artist signs with paint. I did find out something about a man with the same last name but no relative I am aware of with the first name Frieda. Although there was supposed to be a Frieda that lived in the building. Forgot to write it down and don't remember where I located that info. The work appears quite skilled. Needs a bit of restoration done and wondering how much to invest. If, in fact, more value than just the fact that I like it. 

The musical instrument is a Zurna, might help in your search for the artist.

Thank you for info on the instrument. Been trying to figure out how to research by the costume. Your info may help greatly.

Can anyone identify the clothing and hat to a definite origin? 

The instrument is used to play folk music, originating in Eurasia, mentioning Turkey and the Balkans...that narrows it down a bit.

Since trying to find more info, I discovered a small oil painting on live auctioneers site of the same boy with flute, but it appears to be a lower quality attempt of the same subject matter. It was listed as a 19th c oil by German artist Weil??? Not same quality of subject matter or size of mine, which is 18 x 25. So wondering if it was an artist attempt to recreate this painting???? Wondering if it may even be bit older and the corner plates may have been added to painting at later time to preserve painting integrity????

Did they have round headed nails or tacks in 1885?  There are currently 4 1883-1885 (both years shown) corner braces listed for sale for $37.00 USD. Just because they are dated doesn't mean your ptg is that old. It could be older or newer. I tried to find the patent. There are several pictures of the braces listed for sale but I couldn't find the patent or ID who/what A.D.S. means.

I should note too, the boy playing a recorder* appears to be Western European, yet the braces are written in English and patented in the USA.

Was this posted before, maybe 3 to 5 years ago?

*AFTER I clicked "Reply" several other replies came up; it appears I didn't read what was stated ahead of me.

Addendum, there are re-painters who repaint famous paintings using computers and professional artists who can mimic strokes, tones, colors, etc.

Canvas is older, color and the more open sized weave for an older painting of 1800's period. Also, appears as there is possibility that it may have been slightly cut down, possibly re-stretched(?) at some point way back. Wood appears old too. The irregularity of the cut canvas edges appears to have been cut/sawn with knife. Paint on 3 sides, top, left and right is continuation of background paint, making me think it was placed on a slightly smaller frame. Thinking if someone went to trouble and expense to have it reinforced on more wood and corner plates, it may have significant value???

The shape of the zurna is unique to that of a recorder.  It may be Western European, but he definitely has that olive look about him.  

The first name Fyieda appears a great deal as a female name in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, it is not common for women to change their name because of marraige, therefore a family name, or surname, is not widely used.


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