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I was thinking possibly for fishing or a scale. It says BRO on the body. Thank you for any information on this. 

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plumb bob

Looks to be a plumb bob 

Not a Plumb Bob.

Plumb bobs have a longer and sharper point than yours which indicates it isn't one. What you have is a stainless steel polymer coated (looks like brass but I bet it's magnetic) DIPPING WEIGHT. They are used to measure residue or liquids inside a drum or tank. If yours weighs 400 or 700 grams that would confirm it. Most pharmacists can weigh it for you.

No idea what BRO means.  Value unknown; similar can be purchased brand new.





ON SALE: $6.65


Fred neither of the two examples in your link look like the subject item. As an ex-carpenter I own 3 plumb bobs and know what they look like.

I asked how much his item weighed in grams. If it weighs 400 or 700 grams that should settle it.

check the point on the 

EMPIRE 8 OZ. STEEL PLUMB BOB 908. It is the same as this one as far as point. Not all plumb bobs have a tapered point and as they say I am the son of  home builder and cabinet maker. My Dad has a collection of plumb bobs all of different types and styles.

Dave Smith go to ebay and type in Antique Plumb Bobs you will find yours and others  for sale . Good Luck 

Thanks Fred, you proved my point! This is what I've been saying. Notice how the person who wrote the ad called it a plumb bob tank measurer, presumably because he didn't know what it was...just like you.

This is not a plumb bob, it's a tank measuring device, aka tank dipper.

I will agree to disagree. NEXT

Well guys, I hate to tell ya this Fred, but Tom IS ACTYALLY 100% correct on the ID of this tool. You see I'm from Walden Colorado, previously front range and now on location for work on front range currently. I am 57 years old, I collect EVERYTHING, but sell trade etc. Have worked in construction ALL my life and a whole family of ranchers, OIL RIGGERS< and every aspect of construction on the planet. At one point of my working experience, It was one of my daily duties come sunshine or blizzard for 1 1/2 years to go out to the Lone Pine Oil field west of Walden, climb the uasuelly ice covered cat walk and drop one of these guys down into the storage tank to measure the production and calculations of water seapage into the field of oil, among various other little calculations and uses that this "fishing reel" type measureing tape was carried aroound and used for on my daily basis.the weight is used to make sure of the acuracy of the measurement level, because you would drop it down from the top of the tank into the dark abis of the storage tank. This kept enough resistance on the tape to get an accurate reading. Sorry to blow your day Fred, but pull in the tostosterone! It really does look like a plum beo! But Iv'e seen all sort of things used a s a plum bob! even a rock in a pinch of emergency ! Don't rememberwhat the BRO stands for , something like (but probably not) baramectric residulal overflow?? who knows.. but I did use it and the abocve picture is correct,.

I checked out you ebay reference, you might want to check out item # va3399, in the ebay listing,... It is an "oil gauger tape, mint" Course anyheavy counter weight that keeps an item that is is hung from true and straight .. Keeps it "plum" and prevents it from "bobbing around, preventing accurate measurements, no matter of what kind, with transit, or tape, or...? So everyone was right! happy day!


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