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Replies to This Discussion       It may be a sound effect device.

Awesome find Fred! 

Oh it does replicate those sounds I think. Who would have thought there was such a thing as a wind whistle! Yes it does have a hole in the bouy part and then this is divided in to four openings, by the tube which is split in to four parts where it joins the bouy part...

What a find, I think that must be it :)

It may LOOK like a whistle, but you said it doesn't make a sound. So it seems to me it must not be a whistle, but something else.

OK, now you say it makes a sound? Then it is a whistle?

No, not a sound, just the wind noises like in Fred's link

Follow this link:

Delfiero Magpie-Jay Call

Good find!! I'd like to hear all three.

Found this

and this

and there is a sound clip on

it is what it sounds like I guess, could be blowing technique. Try a short sharp blow.


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