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I'm very clueless on dolls, so any tips appreciated. Actually looking for a price too since it isn't anything I want for myself. Handmade dolls, marked "Lucy Klevans" and "Little Lucy Klevans". I assume either the dollmaker's name or the recipient's name. Age and probable maker location. Baby carriage didn't come with dolls and is a fairly recent reproduction (late 20th century I suspect) but easier to sell as a package I assume.

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Bumping this in hopes someone who knows dolls can give me some idea of what this could be worth in today's marketplace at a decent antique mall. I'm really clueless on this. What would you expect to pay - $200? $100? 50? more or less?

Hairdo reminds me of Betty Boop, circa 1930s-40s-50s.  Klevan name on medical type adhesive tape circa 1950s-newer.  Stuffed animals, dolls, etc. patterns available retail and in magazines, circa post WW II (1945-now).

Call  it handmade, Americana list it high, can always lower it.

Since we're bumping old threads that didn't get answers, I'll try this one. I don't think Tom collects dolls any more than I do. Is there anyone with knowledge of dolls that can give some guidance to me?

Your dolls are painted face fabric dolls most likely done within the last 20 years or so by a hobbyist or home crafter. Definitely a beginner. The fabrics and style of painting help to date them. You'll probably never identify who the maker was unless they are signed somewhere on the body. It's common for "doll folks" (I'm one of them) to name their creations and that's most likely what the little pieces of tape with the names on them are.

Unfortunately, they're not worth much and I think you'd be lucky to get $30 for the pair. On a happier note, the buggy is worth 2-3 times that. 

Thank you, that is exactly the info I was looking for. Can I ask how old the buggy is and where you think it is from?

Happy to help!

It's not terribly old...just made to look that way. I remember them in the doll and craft shows/shops in the 80s. They were mass produced imports that were running about $65. You can still get at least that for them. 


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