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Do you know what cloisonne is and how it's made? Research it.  Your vases look like hand painted or decals. Mark looks modern and upside down. Might check for your mark.

Yes I know what cloisonne is. These are not paint or decals. The cloisons are very small and intricate on these pieces. If you look closely at the photos you can see the wiring with enamel inside the cloisons. The small round cloisons around the top indicate to me that these are Japanese. Chinese cloisonne often has a border along the top and bottom of vases that looks like an upside down cloverleaf with a small dot in the center. I have no doubt that these are cloisonne. I have looked on the Gotheborg site but have come up empty.

I can't look any closer than what your pics allow. I couldn't see any wires--it looks painted, but l'll take your word that it is cloisonne.

I can't recall seeing any Japanese or Chinese marks inside a shield. Shield marks normally have the pointed end pointing downwards which leads me to believe your mark is upside down. Shield marks generally are European.

When I rotate your pics I can't tell if I'm also rotating the characters so I have to rotate vertically and horizontally.  One of these pics is correct...

You can zoom in as much as you want. Left click on the photos or the photo in attachments, then press and hold the control key, then press the + key. It is not necessary to hit the shift key, the = key works fine. Each press of the + key will zoom you in closer. The - key will zoom you back out.

Wire is easiest to see in the attachment photo

I am not sure what changed about this reply box but the layout of the icons is different and it will not allow me to cut and paste.  So, what I was trying to show you was Korean Hangul.  Check out the "letters" of that alphabet.  I think it is a good match.


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