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Yesterday I found this elegant lidded vase/urn that is engraved on the bottom as "Blas 93" (vs. "Kew Blas" as I've identified on the net).  Any thoughts or guidance as to the maker and/or potential age of this piece will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Diane.

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Can we see the bottom?

Here you go...hope its clear enough.


Do you think it could be a hand crafted mold?  It seems so strange that it would be a signature like that.  Could it be a transfer pattern?  I am totally just guessing, but it is a little odd.  The glazing and painting are top-notch, but perhaps all is not what it appears?  Either way, I am stumped.  I found it to resemble Lusterware and the floral pattern is quite unique.  

It's a start, right?  And a finish to my long day. 

Good night

Research indicates Kew-Blas made glass urns, all were gold-colored iridescent; after 1896. They were signed Kew-Blas. Yours appears to be (and you say it is) porcelain.

My first opinion of yours was a cremation urn.  Engraving sounds like a counterfeit. Need a hands-on evaluation to be sure.

Is that a chip at the bottom?

There is a lot of info on the internet.  Google "Kew Blas". Click "Images"

Thank you for your thoughts!  I have been reading about Kew Blas...while I also doubt that's where its from, I did read somewhere that for a short time period, pieces were signed simply as "Blas" with the piece number so that's at least where I started.  Have been searching the net when time allows for it and will continue to do so.  And, yes, there is a tiny chip at the bottom.


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