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Just wondering what this style is called?  Approximately how old is it?

Could this be a real crystal, any info is appreciated:)

I would like to sell it but I have no info.


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Do the beads go directly through the crystal piece?  Could you post a straight down look at the necklace as a whole?

Here you go:) Thank You

Hope this helps.


That does help, but I am trying to see the pendant and it's placement on the necklace.  SO if you were looking down at it, you could see the whole necklace, as well as the exact shape and location of the pendant.

The crystal is on the side not in the center.


Basically, it is a multi strand beaded necklace with a side "bead"...I have not seen a crystal or any other bead with two separate drilled shafts for separate stringing.  THAT is unique.  I cannot tell you the value of the crystal because a gemologist or qualified jeweler would be the best person for that.  If the shape of the stone looks "natural" it could be a rock crystal.  I cannot really tell.  

Depending on the quality of the beads and the age, they can go for a couple thousand dollars.

Handcrafted Torsade necklace made of pearls

Multi Strand Beaded Necklace

This type of necklace makes for unique jewelry.

The word t o r s a d e is French. Now, that evokes romance and sophistication! (This alone is enough to make you want to run right out and buy the jewelry making supplies to make one.)

According to many references like Wikipedia and Webster's, torsade is French for 'twisting of the points'.

The strands intertwine and drape twisted about your neck.

Multi-Strand Bead Necklace

This one with no crystal is selling for $35

A Sapphire and Diamond Multi-Strand Necklace

But these are all  Saphires...much more.

Hippy Necklace Bohemian Multi Strand Glass Seed Bead Necklace Fair Trade by Folio Gothic Hippy NK447

Finally, these glass beads are quite inexpensive.

Hope that helps you a little bit.  It is a very pretty necklace.

 Beautiful,Thank you so much for your time and knowledge.


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