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has a hinged door that fits opening. may lay down I have it standing up.

Hello Mr. Jim,  I`m not scared to say I don`t know but`- could it be a Turtle Deck ( Trunk Compartment) for an unidentified Car of the 1920s- similar to the T Model Ford Roadster- but another make ? The rolled bead around the base and the fold up door lend itself to that-- possibly...

Small storage for Golf Clubs or spare tire...

Is the inside reinforced with a wooden framework of any kind?

Interesting Find- I`d like to hear other view points. Good Luck & God Bless,---Charlie

yes has wooden braces. check hundreds of old car photos couldn't find anything. no writing just 302 stamped into the wood

Is there a handle on the lid? May be a part number or maker there...--Charlie

May be hard to find a maker without much research- but I think that`s what this is... definitely " Roadster Model" of whatever make...

let me find the lid and I will get back next couple days. thank you

Neat piece if we can figure it out- valuable to someone doing a restoration on this model. Looks to be in pretty good shape. Styling could go even further back into the late teens...say to 1925---A smaller make of car... Good Luck and you`re welcome----Charlie

Any chance that is simply a fireplace cover rather than an auto part?

I wouldn't think so. it has wood in it. 

That's exactly what i was thinking - Well not exactly. I just know that it looks very much like items our Great Uncle had in his THREE garages - LOL

He collected antique Ford automobiles. Mostly from the 1930's. 

my father had mostly all old fords thats why I always thought it was from an early ford.

also has black, what looks to me, automotive paint inside

It would be like this, right?


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