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similar but mine has much smaller opening

Hey Jim,

   A late teens "Saxon" Roadster had a similar opening compartment- but Turtle Deck was quite a bit shorter overall. Still working on it as time allows. There were hundreds of makers of automobiles in this era. It`s going to take time... God Bless,--Charlie

Good man! thank you!

Looks like a coal hopper. Lift lid, shovel coal into it.  Large opening attaches to coal furnace and an auger feeds the coal into the firebox.  Don't understand what you mean "there's wood in it".  If so, it wouldn't affect it.

I was a Caretaker of an Apartment house and filled similar twice a day. Here's a bunch of them.

possible but I doubt it. if you click on the attachment below the picture it should show you the inside with the wood bracing. I wouldn't think there would be wood against a coal stove. metal is thin too like 16 - 18 gauge

Hello Mr. Jim,

   I still believe this to be a "Turtle Deck" for an old Roadster circa, late teens or twenties. Wood Framework is consistent with cheaper makes from that era. A Model T Ford Roadster cost $260 in 1923-25.  A Roadster is a Convertible Model. Coupes- Two Door Closed Cars had different body construction- the rear trunk panels were joined to the front panels. All cars of this era had a wooden framework.  Many times, since these were removable panels from the car- that`s what happened, and a pickup bed was either found or fabricated- and vehicle was converted as a pickup-- in this case, "A Roadster Pickup", adapted for light hauling. This was a common thing in this era. This Turtle Deck was removed early in this car`s history, (which explains the condition) and was saved for replacement at a later time, which never happened. Your piece should be easy to sell- if you can figure out the Make and Model... 

God Bless,---Charlie


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