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any ideas about the age  and value of  cups and picture 

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How is asking for a focused picture rude?  Not answering is rude.

How is asking for its size, how tall,how wide, how deep rude? Not answering is rude.

How is asking what it's made of (wood, glass, plastic, etc.) rude?  Not answering is rude.

That last thing you posted,  I asked you if it was wood and you said Yes, it's wood.  You should have included that in your original post. You have information, but you are too lazy to provide it. You can measure something at the same time you take a picture of it...we can't. You have to do it for us and we should not have to ask you for it. Not doing it is laziness on your part.

We are not your slaves. We are volunteers who help people. Calling us names doesn't work very well.

We have answered many of your Posts and you never even said "thank you". That is rude too.

If you don't like our manners, our rudeness, our attitude or mental state, you can disconnect from this website anytime you like.


Hi Tom (& Rose will probably read this too)

I don't think it is was being asked to provide additional information which Rose has taken offence to. You did tell her to use proper English and grammar as well as state she was acting young or developmentally challenged. As for her not answering, she has been away from the computer on and off over time so responses will often be delayed as well as the fact she has recently acknowledged not being aware of how to navigate the discussion page to locate posts which no longer appear on the first page.

As mentioned before, this is an online chat group aimed at helping people learn a little more about the mysterious and not so mysterious items they have. Formality is not required here, so long as the intent of the post is clearly understood and not ambiguous in nature.

As you said, we are volunteers, this is not our job, so grammar, though it can often aid in understanding, is not required here so long as it does not interfere with clarity. I agree that we should not reduce the information we supply down to the level of a text message as this site would certainly lose the camaraderie we feel when we speak to others who share an interest. An example of a horrible post we don't wish to start receiving: Plate, clear glazed ceramic, 32cm diameter, half inch depth, no markings, from my grandmother years ago.

English may not be the first language of everyone who comes here, if that is the case, it would help if they let us know that at some point when they are experiencing difficulties in getting others to understand. They should not have to make it known at the outset of every post they make though.
As for saying thank you, Rose has done so on many occasions previously, to say she has never said so is simply incorrect. She may not have responded to the earlier posts as they did leave the first page pretty quickly.

Rose, you sometimes do have more information available to you than you are including in your posts to us. I think that comes down more to your not being aware of what type of things to include in the posts to us, more so than laziness, as you are clearly new to this website. When you start out doing these searches online you often forget that certain details cannot be defined by the photos alone. What seems clear in the photo to you, could be something else to others with more experience. For example, taking a photo of woodgrain close up, it may seem obvious to them it is wood grain, but to others viewing it, it could plastic made to look like wood, or even a 2D visual representation of wood and not actually have any texture to it at all.

Rose, we have now told you on various occasions about some things which need to be included such as age and measurements of the item, more than one in focus photo from different angles, front, back, top, bottom, inside and underneath as well as close ups of all text and symbols which may be present on the item. A lot more information about each item, background history, what it's made of where and when did you get it from etc... If it was years ago, then tell us how many years ago, just saying years can be 2 years or hundreds.  It is up to you to try and remember to include all of that stuff from now on with ALL future new posts you make. The more information you provide to us about the item, the better the chance we'll have of figuring out some answers for you.

As my latest conversation with you points out, you haven't been aware of how to navigate the discussion site to get back to posts which no longer appear on the first page. This means you probably haven't seen any responses or replies to any of your posts which have left the first page.

I've given you some information on how to accomplish this, but am not aware of how you are going with it at this time until you let us know. If you are having troubles, ask us for assistance.

For a starters, click on the following link: View All and go to the Next page, until you find your older posts, then add some replies to the responses you've received there. Once you do that, the posts will reappear on the first page once more.  As I said before, the pages are by default ordered by most recent activity not by age.  If you click on the page numbered 367 it will take you all the way back to posts made in 2014.

you learn to use proper english and grammer   very rude  you busy body  person 

This is a portion of one of the member's responses to your question, "ANY IDEAS?"

Please respond to those who have taken time out of THEIR lives for FREE to help you! It's very RUDE of you to continue to post over and over with nothing but "Any ideas"

Well, how would you know if we did have any ideas?  You don't respond....why?

Please stop posting if your not going to engage with those who have taken time out of their busy lives to help you!      Include MORE info...and MORE photos too!

I do not think that people are being rude or snobs, but when you do not return text messages or respond to people when they are trying to get more information from YOU to help YOU...Well, frankly, it is very frustrating...


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