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any ideas about the age  and value of  cups and picture 

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You seem to be a very elusive figure.  Everyone has mentioned things you can do to let us know more about you and the items you are posting.  We would like to hear back stories, as to how you acquired the item.  Measurements are always helpful.  Taking a picture with a pop can or something for scale, has been suggested, as well.  

Obviously, this group is very astute and can dig around with minimal information to go on, but why do you not respond? 

"any idea on this item" is all you say. 

Are you looking for age? Value? Country of origin? I am the one writing this, but I think I am speaking for a lot of members that are trying to help you in asking that you PLEASE engage a little bit more in the process?

Cheers! Ta! Thank you! Merci!

yes thank you 

I agree with Molly. ROSE ECKERSLEY - Please respond to those who have taken time out of THEIR lives for FREE to help you! It's very RUDE of you to continue to post over and over with nothing but "Any ideas" - Well, how would you know if we did have any then? You don't respond, why?

Please stop posting if your not going to engage with those who have taken time out of their busy lives to help you! Include MORE info and MORE photos too! I for one will not be bothering to look at your posts again, unless or until you plan to RESPOND to those trying to help you!

thank everybody for their help 

Use proper English and grammar.  We are business people not your BFF and text messaging is a poor excuse for a letter requesting FREE help. I quit helping you 2 weeks ago, and until you change, will not answer anymore of your Posts. This is your loss.

Thanking us for our help is not the answer, although it helps.  You currently have 12 or more active Posts where I or others have asked for more, better focused IMAGES, for dimensions,  material, history, etc. and you have not responded.

If, for some reason, you do not understand what we are asking of you, or if you have a difficult time reading, please ask someone for help in your home, or otherwise.

I agree. Has anyone thought that maybe she doesn't quite understand? Seems everyone is being unduly hard on her. Just my opinion.

She won't respond. She acts either young or developmentally challenged. She's had ample time to explain and numerous critiques to no avail. There isn't much I can do to help her and she seems unconcerned.

do you find it hard to understand things looks like you do  

I hve no information on the items that is why asking people  for anything they know if l knew l would not be on here asking ok 

why be so rude with your attitude and manner  maybe look at your mental state first 

try and learn some manners you snob  and  stop  putting people  down take a look at yourself first 


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