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We found this curious old piece at an auction that no one recognized. Maybe a one off for a specific use? It stands about 4ft tall and 2 ft deep. Most curious is the vertical handles. Every joint is mortise & tenon with square to round peg.

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I'm not an expert unless I'm looking at either Orrefors glass, some pocket knives, paperweights, Old Daum clocks with Kienzele battery mechanism, many types of pepper mills and a variety of other vintage and antique items.  I'd suspect that this might have been designed as a simple plant stand; you can see where there are holes in the seat area where screws from the metal or wood stand would have been secured.  This is only a "best guess" and may not be accurate.  If I had this piece and my living space permitted me to place it in my living room to hold potted plants that's what I might use it for.

What about the handles?

Those would make it easy to lift this up if you wanted to either move your plant to where there was more sunlight; again just my guess.

What about the holes in the "headrest" area?

Looking at this I just had an idea that I could see a child's carry cot set up on this stand.  Perhaps the cot would have screws on the bottom to attach it to the base of this stand also 2 screws which would allow the vertical headrest portion of the cot to be fastened to the top rails.  Just a guess.  I had to use Google search to find out the name of this item as I don't have children.  This might explain why the stand remained after the young baby outgrew the carry cot. 

Figured it out....was a corn sheller

That would have been my 11th guess!  ;)

Holy cow, I guess it is missing a few pieces..."but it's got good bones."  

Thank you for the information....on to the next!


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