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Hi Lloyd, The "V" is generally for Victory in Europe and US's Past.  The lion looks like an English Lion Passant - used on many things including standards for silver. That is another clue the 900 - that is generally an old European silver pureness standard.

The line with the little cannon balls or? I don't understand, and I really can't make out the words. What do you think it says?

If nothing else try "English Lion Victory metal/pin", and or "European V Fraternal organizations". That might get ya somewhere. Sorry I can't be of much help

Vicki, Thanks for chiming in. I had the same thoughts as you did (V for Victory/English Lion) but what throws me off is the Peruvian name on the back.

Well, Two things come to mind. Did England own or have a Commonwealth/dominion in Peru or a closer country to it? And secondly, It very well could be Peruvian silver. Which I'm sure was 900 mark as well.

I couldn't make out the lettering you have at all. Like upside down and cut off or something? Anyways, Peru has been a maker of silver and German silver items for a very long time. Maybe that's the clue to follow?

British Guiana was a former British colony, part of the British West Indies, which resided on the northern coast of South America, now known as the independent nation of Guyana (since 1966).

Peru is on the west coast

I notice two things:

1. When do you EVER see a heraldic lion with his paw facing his mouth? (?)

2. I think the words are INDUSTRIA PERUANA

Here is a link to some jewelry :



My "gut" tells me this isn't just a pin, but I haven't found proof otherwise.

What does the lion with paw facing mouth represent? I can't seem to find anything?

Heres a link I looked through? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attitude_(heraldry)

The 3 cannon balls (see Vicki's reply)....explanation.

They are "dots", not cannon balls. And the long thing, not mentioned, is a "dash", and when put together become . . . - (dot dot dot dash) which is Morse Code for the letter "V"!

Which confirms this is a genuine World War II V for Victory pin.

In researching there is a lady, Christine Lurk (?), who has a huge collection that she displays at the Reading, PA air show in June. In a picture showing "one her many trays" in the lower left corner is an exact  match to your pin with 1 minor difference.  It shows an American Eagle where yours shows a Lion Passant (standing). (I couldn't get a picture of it--it locked my screen). If you can contact her she might be a buyer???

Molly's link takes you to Etsy which is informative, however Industria Peruana has its own website which is currently in business and may shed some light on your pin.


I always wait to "hear from you" before making any "moves".

Thanks again for all the "legwork".

Might it then be and English V - Victory pin? I know we were allies in WWI as well.

My opinion.  The mark above "900" reads EP, which stands for Electro Plate. The silver used was 90% pure, but it is plated, not Sterling.  You can see the copper color on front by the lion's rear leg.

I agree with Molly's reply about the manufacturer.

NOTICE: Elsewhere I mentioned contacting "Christine Lurk" regarding your pin at the Air Show held in June at Reading, PA.  DUE TO THE C-19 VIRUS THE SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED.


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