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I would be forever grateful if someone (ANYONE) could help me figure out something about this rocking chair that I recently purchased.  I do not have any photos of it at the present time because a friend took it to an antique dealer to see if he knew anything about it.  He did not and she is returning it shortly.  Until then, I hope my description of what it looks like, will help figure out something about it.

This wooden rocker looks to be made of oak or another darker wood, like mahogany.  It is a regular size rocker with the back section shaped what I have learned to be the violin shape.  Above this, the headrest is oval shaped with an exquisitively carved cherub face in the middle.  This face is one that I have located on some sites as their background or header photo.  It is intricately carved with shapes coming from the face that look like it is the cherub's hair.

 Honestly, after hours and hours of searching, I have NEVER seen a carving like this on a piece of furniture, much less a rocking chair.  I hope that one of you readers and antique specialists or dealers, can help me figure out who make this chair, when it was made, or any other detail about it, so that I can find its value.  I have had many people offer to purchase it, but can not sell it until I know what I am dealing with.  I would hate to sell it for too much or not sell it for enough.

If you can help me in any way, with any details or facts about this rocker, please contact me through this forum or email me at my business email - houseoflovelythings@live.com

Thank you in advance!

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Need pics to help you, I'm sorry.
Where are the pics??? We are all patiently waiting to see this rocking chair. From your description;; it sounds beautiful
My friend is bringing the chair for pics on Monday. I will post them as soon as I get the chair on Monday. I appreciate the comments about needing the pics. Sorry that I could not have them sooner. I just hoped someone might give me some ideas while I was waiting on her to get back with it. I realize how important pics are and WILL post them asap.

Thank you again for your helpful comments.


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