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My wife found this box at an antique store on our trip to Galveston last month. It's made of wood and the drawing appears to be in pencil though there's just a hint of color in the flowers in the woman on the right. Here's a couple of photos

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Picture is by Godey(s), titled "Americanized Paris Fashions" circa 1840s-60s.  His illustrations are reproduced. I have two of them as wall hangings.

Can't say if your box came that way or somebody glued the print on at a later date.

No idea on value.

Thanks Tom, here are a few more photos of the box.

I'd put the age of the box at 1900-1920s.

Sorry for the late reply we've been down in Galveston antique shopping. Thank you very much for the information.

Thanks Mark. We found two more on our trip to Galveston this week.

The three pics from "Musee Des Familles" are spin-offs of the originals done by Godbey.  My two Godbeys are water colored with very brilliant colors as was the fashion in the mid century (20th) years.  It is like the one of yours (Chris) with two women standing. Yours is dated 1848, mine is dated 1851, but is the exact same print...go figure?

Thanks Tom, that is weird same print different dates.  I'll have to post our other finds this week in new threads. We found some really great frames now we have to head out to some other places to find pictures to put in them.

These are the 2 framed prints I found years ago in one the thrift store which I used to haunt every few days.

Those are great Mark, I like the colors in them.  Looks like we'll be on the look out for more now.

The following image is on page 660 of this online book...

1856 Home Magazine

Also, another Vintage Wooden Jewellery Box emblazoned with an illustration from Godey's Americanized Paris Fashions 1860.

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