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Hello Everyone,

Can anyone help me identify these 2 items I found? The one is a metal vase with etchings on the sides and the other is metal with a removable lid with men holding it up and one for the handle. Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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Image result for kuduo dogon akan yoruba brassThis is just one example of an Dogon or African medicine pot.  Sometimes they are just called Kuduo (container) or Yoruba (ritual or ceremonial vessel).  The figures seem to be wearing horse masks?  I cannot find any particular country to lead you to by their appearance, but the most similar examples of work have been from the west....Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso, etc.  I love figural art.  

Related image

Thank you so much Molly.You seem to be right on with your response. I guess I need to study up on African figural art. 

ANTIQUE Kumngan Jambar LARGE BRASS Vase HAND Hammered Intricate DESIGN Plant PotThis antique brass flower pot from India is the closest example I could find to yours.  That extra wide rim seems specific to flowers, but you don't see them THAT wide, especially when it has a small stem and base.   

Here is another type just for flowers.

Solid Brass Etged Flower Gold Vase , vintageHappy hunting.

Hi Molly,

Wonderful! I was thinking it may be from India. It just had that look to it. :) 

Thanks so much,                                                                                                                         Bill

Hi again Molly,

This engraving on the vase reminded me of a mosque window. What do you think?


Oh, yes, that is very nice.  I did not even know they were engraved.  Good guess.

It was in bidorbuy with a very inflated price tag. I was able to determine it was a vessel for storing gold powder. It was made by the Asanti tribe probably early 1900's. 

thanks,                                                                                                    Bill


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