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Does anyone recognise the silver marks on this Victorian brooch please? Thank you.

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Hi Jeannine, Yes, I do recognize your marking. I believe it is the European version for Sterling, or close to sterling. Russia and East Europe have some stranger markings as well.

Here is an article on it:

Hello Vicki - it's not the 830 that has me stumped, it's the strange mark below. But thank you :)

OH, LOL, I'm blind, or practically anyways! It looks like an upside down easter lily?

You might google to the Jewelry makers marks, assay marks and or hallmarks. It is probably for either a town, an assay office or a maker in Europe. They were pretty strick with markings on precious metals, so sometimes it pays off to try and find it!

Good Luck, It's very pretty!

I tried all that before asking for help here, so no go there. Anyway, I'm not going to drive myself crazy with this search - I don't have the patience! The good news is I paid 99 pence for it on eBay - no on else bid for it! :)

WOW, Great price! and your right. It really doesn't matter much as to maker/hallmark in most cases anyways.

And a super nice find! :)

Thanks - I love it!


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