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This pitcher/vase was found by my husband in 1965 when he was 11. He found it in Fort Montgomery, NY in his backyard and has held on to it for all these years. It is in mint condition. No cracks, No chips, No scratches. We have tried to do some research on the name on the bottom. Elwell. There were two men who fought in the war with that name in the late 1700's. We have spoke with a analyst in the museum there in New York who wanted us to donate it to the museum. We have shown it to many antique dealers and were told it is exquisite. We have been told it could be worth quite a bit. We are looking for someone who is a pottery collector to add this piece to their collection.  We have some documents in regards to the Elwell's. Does anyone know anything about this maker? Please email me at rwood1@live.com. Thanks!!

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Personally, I can't wait to hear how the Auction Houses respond.  I see there is just so much excitement over this piece.


Congrats on those offers!

Thank you. That is just what I have been doing this morning. I have sent in an evaluation request from Christie's, Bonham's and I tried Sotheby's but can't find where to get the evaluation done for free. What does OP mean lol?
OP = opinion = everyone has one.

OP = Original Poster


As in the one who starts the thread.  At least that is how I used it.

Thank you lol
I was looking at your pitcher and I believe I may have someone that might can help you if its N.C. or surrounding area. The name sounds familar to this area, if its from this area this guy should be able to help. Contact Mark Wilson at Wilson and Terry Auctions.  www.wilsonandterryauction.net hope this guy can help. He's real good on pottery and just maybe interested in the piece for his collection.
Frank, It was found in Fort Montgomery New York. Thank you though.

Hi,  I found this item at an auction here in Tennessee.  I saw one similar to this at a local flea market and the old fellow selling it said someone else had told him it was a funnel for putting oil/liquids in a large machine like a tractor.  I saw one similar to this on Ebay, but it was made of jadite.  The person who had it up titled it "What is this?" or something like that.  She got no answers!

It's 7 1/2" in diameter and stands 5 1/2" tall from rim to spout.  It's milk glass.  The photos show the details.   Love to know what this is!  Thanks, Karen


I believe you would have much better luck by starting your own thread for this item.


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