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Hi, I came across a collection of old metal identification tags, I figured out what most of them are from, but a few of them have stumped me.  Hoping someone knows if these are old union or company logos.  I dont think they are monograms, two of them have "O" and "F" out to the sides which makes me think they are something something OF something?  

Then the last one says WOW or maybe its upside down and says MOM.  But I think its WOW, just not sure if WOW has stood for anything in the past.  The way its designed makes me think its something specific with the shape of it and the global icons.

Thanks in advance for any insight!

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Sorry one more note, the other tags I found seem to date back to the late 1890s up to around the 1930s.  Hope that helps.

Since you miraculously found two of these, I hesitate to ask, but I have one more, it may be the most challenging.  Just a series of symbols, but I am assuming its the logo of another old historical society of some type?  Possibly metal working?

The circle will represent things that are spiritual and sacred in nature. The circle symbolizes the sacred earth. However, the square symbolizes the opposite. The meaning of the square is about the physical world. The square had a focus of the points of the compass to the pagans.  Elsewhere, it mentioned that this union within another circle would represent the "divine". Plus, it is topped by a "halo" of sorts.   Adding the cross (knights templar?) and the strange "caliper" object, along with the  "sun wheel"...wow.  Freemasons, alchemy, religious, pagan, spiritual...Definitely thinking out loud here.

It's reminiscent of some old cast iron pulley wheels.  With the cast metal process, straight spokes were more likely to crack during the cooling process and the curved spokes also held up better under stress.

Image result for wheel with curved spokes

Thanks Michael, thats the wheel exactly which is in the symbol.  Very helpful, let me see what I can find with that... much appreciated.

I still want to know what that "diaper pin/wishbone" thing is.

If it ends up being a diaper pin, that would be hilarious.  

Image result for 19th century brotherhood of locomotive engineers logo


That makes total sense!  Thank you!  I knew it had to be some brotherhood, guild or fraternal organization.  Much appreciated.


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