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Hi guys,

It is a bit hiding in the photos but I have bought this interesting looking Antique French Furniture today (Buffet?). I am not really sure if it is French or British but I am more leaning towards French. 

It is solid OAK and very heavy. 

What do you think about it? Mid 19th Century? French?


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You're pretty close.  It is a "buffet"(sideboard is another name); late 1800s-early 1900s. Louis XIII (13th) French Renaissance. Looks like "Red oak" to me; barley twist. My link shows similar buffets but an exact match not found. Also shows ages and values and country of origin.

I just noticed the "carved design" isn't carved. In the bottom center door you can plainly see a dividing line left and right sides. Those are appliques, thin wood carvings bought and glued to the unit.  Yours is acanthus leaves

Thanks Tom I did not know that they were Acanthus leaves great info!

Update, I just discovered that appliques are now (20th C.+) made of resin in molds. This doesn't affect yours; just saying.

tom that center base panel is 2 boards, these are relief carved into the surface of the board, not appliques, and still today we get solid hand carved appliques, machine carved ones, plywood pressed appliques, as well as cast ones, depends on the quality and price point you want.

Thanks Craig, that explains..Please see below my other option, I may change it to that one, what do you think? Offered at the same price by the same store and they are both good finds but I am a bit confused:)

Thanks Tom Thanks Craig. So I guess it is not applique and so the buffet is a good buy???

I also have the option to change it to the buffet below? What do you guys think? It is the same era I believe but a bit more carving and stained glass? Any suggestions?

Here is my other option (price is the same)

Any replies?? :)

The term  is "married" putting two similar items together to form one. Values drop when that is done.

You currently have an original buffet...keep it that way. If you interchange the tops then the original top will become an orphan just like the replaced one.

Thanks Molly! Maybe this is a French version of it?


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