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Hello All

We found this Fireplace tool set last weekend and I think it could be old but not sure. If someone could please help with a possible date on these and if they have any value.


Size-  52 cm (21 inches)

Weight 1.8 Kilos (4 LB)

I tried with my super magnet and its not magnetic so possible solid brass or bronze but not sure.

Any help would be welcome.



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Although I couldn't find one of your fireplace tool sets, I did lighten your photo and thought it might help someone else recognise it easier.

Thanks Michael for the effort!


Under the stand there should be a packing nut.  If it's square, it's old.  If it's hexagonal (6 sided) it's newer. The broom is well made and appears to be a newer design.  I'd guess it's from mid-20th Century. Sure is pretty.

Thanks Tom for that info. Its a threaded bold that goes from the bottom and screws into the top handle. So I think it is probably 1950's. Thanks again Tom. 

Have a great weekend,Lorenzo

What Tom said. Cool set.

I think even more recent than the 50's. More decorative than functional; wouldn't withstand heavy use in a real fireplace for long.

Thanks Jeff

Probably made for down here in Florida...anytime temps drop below 60, everyone lights their fires...

Are "round" brushes, such as on this set, found in sets of "all" ages or is that concept "new-fangled"?

Antique sets don't have brushes at all. Round brushes are even more new-fangled. That's part of the reason I said more recent than the 50's.

That is what I thought but, then again, it might have been that  I had just never seen an older set with a round brush but that they did exist.  -Yes, I am old enough to think that the 50s is modern era. :-)


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