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A few years ago I acquired a couple of antique Chinese tables. I would either like to fix them up to original or sell them, but I can't seem to find much about them. The antique dealer I got them from purchased in Europe, fixed them up in his shop near me and sold them to an antique dealer in Dallas Texas. It appears they were not restored, but are very solid with no major damage. They appear to be laquered, but the laquer is worn down. I can't find any nails. I found what appears to be possibly wooden pins and some sort of wooden cut outs on 2 sides. I am not sure if they are pins or what the function of the cut outs are, but all 4 are uniform and in the same place on 2 sides. It appears to be glued where the joints are. Not too surprising since it may have originally been intended to be broken down easily. Does anyone know more about this piece? All I got from the dealer is that it was laquered and Chinese antique. He was ready to retire and just wanted this stuff gone at the time so if I didn't buy it he knew he could sell it.

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Asian items are so very challenging, that even experts get fooled. That said, I've had a bit of luck by going through old, archieved Info from the Antiques Roadshow episodes. And, also snooping around auction results from heritage, auctionbids and other free online sites. In most cases all you need is a free account to look through what they have. Good Luck!

Thanks! I will try that!


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