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got this in a box of estate stuff havent a clue what it is used for .. it hangs on the wall the wood thing has a hole all the way through it and the metal piece on the wood thing says wilson bros made in England ?? 

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If I'd purchased this I'd likely use it as a candle holder as the metal portion attached to the wood base would hold a candle and the circular portion above the heart could be attached to a wall.  Just a guess.

the hole is as small as a nail hole there is no candle i know of that thin lol it does attach to the wall though 

  I used to collect various types and sizes of candles and there are candles made that size but as mentioned I was just  making a guess.

thank you

Searches related towilson bros made in England

you have what appears to be a marriage of items . most likely designed for interior decoration.

I believe the wire bracket and the wooden item were made separately and do not belong together.

The wire bracket holds a vase.

The wooden item is a bobbin holder, or quill, for lace. Some are hollow and some are not.  See Link. You can google others on line.Value of linked bobbin is $4.00 USD.

oh thank you tom your so clever i love finding odd things 

How about this for an idea...? Though it may not be the original purpose of the individual parts, it could work in its current form.

yup as tom said industrial bobbin for a loom in a shuttle

The wood part is a bobbin for thread.  Did a google search & the company is Wilson Brothers Bobbin Company.  Not sure the purpose of the metal piece.  Found many pictures from there.


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