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I acquired this military vehicle toy from a friend.  It is about 2-3 inches long, about an inch wide, is painted, and has rubber tires.  I came across one some time ago without tires, but cannot remember anything about it.  Please, have a go.

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Disclaimer:  I have no idea why I think it looks like an animal...alligator, anteater?  No idea.

Found this one on Etsy, but was no longer available. Was listed as" Solido Israeli General Patton M-47" which is total BS.  ThePatton M-47 is a US Army tank. This thing was from WW I, and Patton wasn't a general then.  Solido is a die-cast military toy manufacturer in France. No idea what  "Israeli" implies. The original 1918 tanks tipped over when crossing the many trenches of WW I. The tail was added to newer models to prevent tipping over. Also, similar item like the "tail" was attached to the front and had a large drum with short lengths of chain that rotated and flailed the road to find and detonate mines. Another use for the "tail" may have been for a hook and winch to lift heavy items, tank treads, etc.

I found the name ARV (Armed Repair Vehicle) but no pic of WW I ARVs.

There was a toy company called Tootsie Toy, I think, who made all manner of die cast toy vehicles, among other things.  Your tank, however, is made by Barclay.

Your tank looks like the Brazilian Renault FT.

I looked it up on www.tanks-encyclopedia.com

The first 12 Brazilian carros de asalto were Renault FTs acquired in 1921.

Obviously, the wheels on your toy are there purely for the purpose of it being a toy with moving wheels and has no bearing on a tank with actual wheels, even the design of the toy has the tracks in it.

Found this one on www.tias.com. which lists the manufacturer as Barclay.

More of the Barclay tanks here... www.collectorsweekly.com


They say 1930's....thank you for your assistance, everyone.


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