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Hi again, A friend of mine was wearing this badge about 15 years ago. I said I liked it, so he gave it to me.  Years later someone told me it was an old air raid patrol badge from the 2nd world war.  I believe it is steel, and very solid. It has a serial no. 2305 on the back. I wore it for years on my motorcycle jacket, and it scared some people who were up to no good, haha. Anyone know? Bob.

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I have no clue but just wanted to say I Love the back story of you enjoying it. That part there is priceless!

Good Luck!



Hi - neat badge.  The above auction listing shows ARP as meaning Air Raid Patrol.



Pearl's Parlor

Oops.  I meant to add that I don't know if yours has any sterling marks.  There are others, not sterling, listed on eBay if you search under the Collectibles category using ARP.  One listing showed Air Raid Precautions also.
Well, It isn't American - British perhaps?
I have searched the net, but can't find another like this. It is not silver, looks like polished steel. Had a guy say that his dad was on coast watch in Vancouver during the war, and had a badge just like it. Canada was still a colony back then, lol, but I have not found any other reference to this particular badge.

UK, English 1938-1945 stands for AIR RAID PRECAUTION. My guess is that it's nickel silver (there is no silver in nickel silver). Similar ones are asking (bid) $90 USD which I think is too high.



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