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Ok - the yard sale queen here! Bought this bottle, nice and cheap! Has "Est 1788" embossed over most of the bottle, also has "Federal Law Forbids Sale or Re-use of this Bottle" embossed on one side. There are no other labels. The bottom has the number 33410126, Made in the U.S.A. and 5 4 55. There is, what looks like the glass manufacturers mark, but I can't find it anywhere, looks like a big T with a small letter either side. I have searched and searched, thought it may be a whiskey bottle, Jim Beam started in 1788, but can't find any connection. It stands 7 1/2" high and  holds 1/2 pint, and the screw cap is plastic. Any help will be gratefully received.

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I keep this site in my bookmarks and have found it to be of help in determining an age range to start researching.


With this piece however, I'm wondering if it might have been a decorative piece made in the 1970's when colonial decor was popular at the time of the bi-centennial. 

Here is a larger size bottle with the same type of markings...


you will need to scroll down some to find the pics and description.


There was a colonial revival decorating period in the 50's as well and looks as though it may date to then. 

On Ebay...



thank you so very much, I have seen so many bottles these past couple of days, I was going CRAZY! Thank you again

I found a few of these bottles on my property when cleaning. They are Carstairs Whiskey Pints from the 50's. You can find them on e-bay selling for around $10-12.


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