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Anyone recognize this style of lighter ?

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Oh Man Lloyd, this one is rough! Looks like 1920 to 1940. But the wrap around "design" makes me think this is not really good quality. Some of the old lighters have quite a big fan base of collectors. But in this condition, I'm afraid it will be minimal. 

Does it still work? If your able to clean it up, remove rust and dirt, and have it in nice working order, then maybe you have a cool old Art Deco era German lighter.

Check ebay completed/sold listings for current  market value.

I haven't figured out how to get it filled.

Yes, it's ugly, but even the ugly duckling can turn into a beatiful swan !!

Could this be a lift arm lighter ?

The area next to the wheel is where you would fill it, and the screw top is likely where the flint goes. you will need to unscrew it to be sure. It doesn't appear to be a butane, so I think we are safe to assume that is the case.

On the lift arm, I've only seen the modern type that are always butane, or the very old ones that look like this:

So your mechanism, I don't think lends itself to the "lift-arm". Vintage Mexican Sterling Silver Lift-arm Table Lighter image 0

Thanks for the info!

That "wrap" looks like old tape or something that could be removed.  It is probably a petrol lighter.  Art Deco...1920s?

If that hole next to the wheel is not the flame...where is the flame?  Would you think you might unscrew that top part to fill it?  I am no authority by any means, but if the arm lifts, why is it not a Lift Arm?  Just curious.

Never considered that this lighter might actually be wrapped by a piece of tape. Something else to look into tonight.

It is pretty distinct on the photo of the bottom with the word Germany and even more so on the next upside down photo.  You can see where it overlaps.

Time to unwrap this tonight.

Lloyd - I stumbled upon this video that might be very helpful to you?


Definitely not tape. More likely celluloid or Bakelite.

Molly, a "lift arm" lighter is one that is automatic, ie.. One hits the wheel or other mechanism and at once the lid lifts and the flame is automatically lit!

As opposed to a regular, mechanical lighter, where one lifts the lid, and hits the wheel to expose the flame - as in a classic Zippo type, if you follow? 2 step vs 1 step process


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