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It measures approximately 9" x 4". Point end is very sharp.

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looks like a pick they used to use to get into ice long ago 

Primitive rug hooking tool?

Just a hazard of a guess from a man's point of view this might seem to be the handle of a walking staff which also could have doubled as a defensive weapon.  Especially due to its' size this would make an impressive weapon when unleashed by an old codger.  I'm not prepared to defend my surmise in court because I don't own anything like this but it would seem to be the perfect size and perfect shape.  It's unfortunate that the person or company which fashioned this never thought to stamp their individual or company name on it so you'd be able to precisely date it and understand what it was made to do.

I thought the same thing at first, but did not think it had enough curve to the handle for balance.  With the dimensions in mind, I believe you could be right...especially when you look at the handle closely and see the wear marks at the end near the "weapon" where the shaft of the cane could have been attached to it at one point.  I have also "seen" examples of these types of walking canes.

Hi, this is a garden tool known as a dibbler. It is used in the garden to make holes for bulbs. Carole

The dibbler seems like the right just does not have the same intrigue.  Good job, Carole.  ;)

Yep, garden tool. I've heard them called "a dibble". For making planting holes, seeds or starts.

garden tool dibbler


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