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I found this little plate the other day.  Its 7.5" in diameter.  It has little men attached to it and the signature looks like it may be something special...don't ask me why...but I am just curious if anyone knows what it says and/or has seen any others works of a similar nature, perhaps by the same artist?

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I made a couple different angles to the signature/maker mark because I was unsure of the proper direction.

This is Japanese

ーの蔵 = Ichinokura

There is a Kura Studio

There is another company Ichinokura

This plate however is listed as Ichinokura Gama.

eBay - Site Link

Thank you, Michael!

So, is there anyway to determine age?  Is this studio(s) still in operation?  I had a difficult time searching for 3 Japanese Men Attached To a China Decorative Plate.  :)

I tried searching all the words and combinations to locate something similar, but to no avail.  I have discovered, however, that Ichinokura has a well known Sake.

I've found references online of this type of plate being called:

    Japanese Vintage Mino Yaki 一の蔵窯.

    Ceramic Plate Held By Karako (唐子) (Child) Figures

Mino ware (美濃焼 Mino-yaki) refers to Japanese pottery that was produced in Mino Province around the towns of Toki and Minokamo in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan.

Karako (唐子) is a Japanese term used in art with the depiction of Chinese children playing. The literal translation means "Tang children". The children tend to be depicted with a particular hairstyle that is knotted at the top and shaved on both sides of the head

This above may help you find others of its kind.

Here are a couple of others I found.

picclick.com - Site Link

www.ebay.com - Site Link  <- Same plate also on eBay


The following plate I found on Pinterest, but the plate was removed from its original location, listed on Rubylane.com under Japanese Vintage.

Japanese Vintage Mino Yaki 一の蔵窯. Ceramic Plate Held By Korako (Child) Figures

Japanese Vintage Mino -yaki 美濃 Ceramic Plate Held By Karako (Child) Figures

FUN TO KNOW FACT for the day:

Karako means Chinese children. it is a traditional painting on Japanese wares that probably goes back hundreds of years and taken from Chinese art, where one might recall seeing vases for example with many children climbing all over them. This is the same concept of the old days of the Edo Period.The artwork usually depicts the children running around chasing butterflies and playing; usually one pine tree and one peony at its foot, depicting butterflies fitting around peony flowers and karako boys, in groups of three, five and seven, trying to catch them, all set on white background . This art design dates back to the old days, when the number of children was indicative of social status. In history discussions on Japanese sites, someone shares 'Three children designs were made for commoners. five for higher ranks. and seven children were for imperial'. This motif use began back in 1590, and taken from the Chinese practice as one might recall seeing numbers of children on Chinese vases and such. Nowadays, different numbers of karako are used on more contemporary pieces so as not to depict social status.

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