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Elderly neighbor took out of China cabinet,,asked me to sell,?

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Well, last time I checked, which was several years ago, Ebay takes a percentage of your shipping cost from you, the seller. But they have ZERO to do with the shipping service. It's the damnedest thing I ever heard of?

How is it legally possible to take a part of a sellers $ on the shipping cost they charge (THEIR) customer (it's not ebays customer) to ship an item?                              I always used the USPS.com site. I Never used the ebay crap, because I discovered it cost more!

I guess they want you to put free shipping to attract more sales for ebay, but then people charge more for product, but then ebay gets bigger fee on sale price, can't win,

Thats exactly right! But, It seems that the "powers that be" allow ebay to get away with things that simply can't be done in any other business. That's what really gets my goat!

And notice whenever there is a mistake, and I mean every time, it always benefits them, never the seller? SMH

here is a screen shot of 4 sales I had today.  same buyer, so one of the sales does not have a fee for shipping because it went in the box with the other 3

I've probably forgot how to read the graphs (or blocked it, lol). But all I'm seeing is final value fees. It's probably in the more detailed graph under FVF, or I'm missing it?

In any case, how can this be legal? I just can't wrap my head around it!


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