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Elderly neighbor took out of China cabinet,,asked me to sell,?

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Based on the pics, these might be the same.

I know I have sold some Westmoreland ones, and like that link they were signed, but I can't fine any maker mark on these

Sorry, I can not see the mark on the example, either... :)

it is what is it is, thanks for trying, I don't see a mark on that link one either. no biggy

I found they did use paper labels, as well

And it said they sold their molds to some other companies.

alrighty then

Yes, all true Molly! But, I don't remember if the hen on nest specifically were only made in milk, clear or not at all, do you happen to know?

And if so, were there in mold markings, and/or specific sizes that help to know which are which?

Oh yes, Westmoreland too, forgot about them. I haven't' even seen these in years, so sorry, I'm very rusty here. These to though are "modern era" 1960-1980s I'm pretty certain.

As I think value based on time frame does matter, or it used to. 

Oh aren't they so cute! Love these little things! Most of the mini salt cellars like this, and the really pretty carnival glass ones too,  were made starting in the late 1960's - 1980's by some innovative Glass companies of that time, which include Rainbow, Pilgrim, Kenewa (i think) and maybe some others as well. 

I'm afraid I don't remember if the originals were clear, or just not done in this form, sorry. It should be fairly easy to nail it down though. Try that awesome glass website, http://www.ddoty.com/

Book mark for future references too! I've been able to find some real tough ones with those folks and good luck!

I know most of the stuff she has asked me to sell is really old, the roseville planter sold for over 100, listed the 2 vases over 100 years old, they are gorgeous, now the fiesta,1940's? 2nd generation bowls, very large 26" tole tray, it's been fun,

Awesome! I sold on consignment online for years. Up until ebay got me so stressed out I quit, and went to antique mall only sales, in 2012. I hope things are a bit better for you sellers now. 

I've actually got some higher end stuff that I've been researching, trying to find good online venues for, old stuff, fragile, mostly pottery/glass, oddities etc. Its' real tough to get the better stuff sold for decent prices in the antiques malls. Most haven't' got the budget for them. And now, since March our Antique mall is shut, as are all the charity shops, which is killing me! I've got boxes lined up all the way from basement to top waiting on my Veterans or others to please get this stuff outta my house! LOL

I've looked at Etsy (sold there for only a month or two in 2013) and ecrater. Do you find any that you like best? Not including ebay, My health just can't take that place! 

Only other venue I have used is facebook yard sale and market place


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