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 I purchased these two paintings at an estate sale in Texas because I loved the colors & the scenes, but I haven't been able to figure out the artist's name. It looks as though the same artist painted both in 1956. I would love to know the artist's correct name! The back of both paintings have the same sticker that says designed and framed exclusively for 4342, by Joske's of Houston. I thought maybe the paintings came from Joske's because I wasn't aware that they did framing, but I found a 1950's newspaper ad where they were advertising framing, so I'm fairly sure the paintings were just framed by Joske's. Any information will be greatly appreciated! If anyone recognizes the scenes, that info would also be helpful in possibly identifying the artist.  Thank you!

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Thanks for your suggestion, Peter.  Here is a photo of both signatures.


Are you sure they're oil paintings?  They look like pastels to me. Neither medium is glassed.

I think it says "A. Winder, or Winders".

I found a Winder, and also a Winter, but no examples of work or their signatures were found. They were both Texans.

There was also a Winters but he was a musician, and teacher.

  • Thank you, Tom. I will check out those names.

The only artist that I could find is:

Andrew George Winter (1893-1958) American
Oil on Canvas was his favoured medium.


The problem is, I am having trouble finding a high quality signature to compare, but from the lower quality ones I have seen, it appears similar, yet different, so maybe not him after all.  There are some exceptions in the world of artists who choose to make each of their signatures as unique as the art itself, though you'd need more than a few examples of Winter's to determine that.

See the source image

Thank you so much, Michael!  That signatures does look very similar!


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