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  Neighbors were holding a garage sale today, I picked up an old mini X-acto wood plane, a Stanley saw and  a free Jimi Hendrix shirt.  This framed abstract art work was also marked "free" and I would have gladly paid a few dollars for it.  The back carries several labels noting "Vanguard Studios."   In looking on the Internet I found that this was a multi-million dollar business that distributed various styles of inexpensive art during the 1960's and 1970's.  They typically signed the name "Lee Reynolds" on works that were produced instead by many different in-house artists.

   The frame measures approx. 18" x 21" -- the central rectangular portion of the work has geometric shaped metallic looking panels on a black base -- with a top clear layer that has a crackle finish.  The copper colored diamond shape at the top left is 3 dimensional and rises above the rest of the surface.

   I'm not concerned about the value of this piece; I'm guessing no more than $50-75.00 but wanted to share this with other collectors.  There is what appears to be a title (name) in parentheses at lower right; it's slightly faded and I haven't yet deciphered the name.  

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hi just some info i found below on 1stdibs - yes there are plenty out there, ranging from 20 upwards, this one is listed at reduced from USD2000 ??



Reynolds was born Lee Reynolds Burr in Los Angeles in 1936. He Graduated from the University of Southern California in 1962 with a bachelor's in Fine Arts and by 1965 had started his Vanguard Studios in Beverly Hills. The purpose of Vanguard Studios was to produce Avant-Garde sculptures and paintings for decorative art purposes. Vanguard employed a variety of artists to meet this goal and all pieces are signed with the world recognized Lee Reynolds signature; even those produced after he stepped down as creative director in 1979. Lee Reynolds Vanguard works are in many collections throughout the world and it has been said that the Lee Reynolds signature appears on more canvases globally than any other. As of 2008 the artist was still working, though only on a private commission basis.

Price Reduced from $2000.00

TITLE: Vintage Textured Abstract Painting by Lee Reynolds

looks like 'La Galle'?

  Thank you Kathy and Laura.  I located lots of info on Lee Reynolds and Vanguard Studios, including his own more recent descriptions of the founding and operation of his 1960's art studio business.  There are also many blogs from his former employees, one describes being paid from 75 cents to $4 for each "painting" they created.  I also interpreted the name on my print to be "La Galle" but Galle in French seems to translate to the English word "Gall."  Perhaps "Galle" refers to a place name?

  If you look at the photo of this print you will see a noticeable anomaly in the two vertical black lines on the left side (a portion of these lines have a curved shape).  All of the other lines in this print are perfectly straight without curves.  Perhaps the artist did this intentionally to protest working conditions at the studio as some of their former employees considered it to be a sweat shop.  I thought at first that these lines had been applied onto the canvas and had shrunk due to age -- but it appears that they are painted on the surface and could not shrink or become distorted.

  Some of the Vanguard works were signed with the names of fictitious artists such as "Stuart" and "Andres" in order to give them a different provenance.  

hi i did read they were not allowed to add their real names to any pictures ..... rather sad many were signed Reynolds even though he did not do them either - it would be great to trace the real artist i think


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