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This is what I believed was for water . Very heavy piece.The wicker design on the outside is what I can't seem to find.

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Maybe it's not "wicker". It looks more like "splint" to me, but pics are misleading.  I believe I  can see a difference in the width of the splint which indicates it was cut by hand.  Splint is the bark of ash trees.  Hand cut splint dates it to late 19th Century or older. 

Hi Tom , hope your having a mellow day and Thank you for your input. I'm going to read up on  splint as I've never heard of it before. Tom , Do you think the white wash look was put on that originally?

I don't know much about glazes or washes. Others here can maybe answer your question.

I don't know much about it either.  After a quick look around online, I have seen a great many websites dedicated in how to obtain the faux aged look by white washing pottery, and other methods, but very little on how best to identify them.  Most rely on the person checking the pottery to have an understanding of what the genuine article would be like.  For instance, a fake might have a higher sounding resonance when you flick its surface than an authentic item, due to the difference in firing temperatures.  Who would know that, unless you've heard the noise a genuine piece makes, keeping in mind to compare apples with apples I'd imgaine you'd have to flick it in the same way, angle and force and on a similar thickness of surface.

More research is required I'm afraid.

Hi Michael, hope your day is well and I personally am a watermelon flicker concerning that sound your wanting to here . But your right. The learning side is sometimes the task at hand and I don't know ya but seems you have your tasks in  order... I'm just Thankful this sight has been put together such as it has because I have and do , learn a lot. Thanks too by the way...

All these materials and techniques are available today. Personally I don't think this has any age to it.

Jeff is correct, hand cut splint is available today and I agree it does look modern.  Old splint gets much darker, almost black, with age.  Other trees or plants can be used which mimic splint, bamboo being one of them.

Thanks for your input Jeff as I do think it's in too well of shape where age comes to play but the thing is very heavy and that made me wonder. Thanks


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