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green glass - etched, bulbous mouth- seam on base- about 8" high. maybe glows but I don't have black light

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Hi Bonnie, It looks like Czech glass to me. Probably 1930 - 1970 ish. 

Pretty, nice find for $1!

Would there be a seam in Czech glass from that era (see the base)?

Yes Jeff, though often it is "Fire Polished" out. Most all of the modern Czech glass is pressed. The items found from the late 70's onward are usually Crystal as well. 

Ty for the input Vicki

found this set sold for 19.99 I believe, but not etched

Green Bud Vase Pair (2) - Unique Blown Glass, Bottle Neck Fluted, Pedestal Base - Pastel Seafoam Emerald Shade - Vintage

The design is certainly similar, but Bonnie's looks more like uranium glass to me, not just coloured glass.  Uranium glass aka vaseline glass is not so consistently coloured throughout, instead just being more tinges of colour when viewed in certain angles.

This image is of a very similar singular bud vase, uranium glass, is 10" in height and sold for US$20


Yes, I always take my black light with me to the garage sales and odd bod shops.

That vase would make an excellent chocolate "HOT" it would would not only heat it  but would boil it.

Nice buy for a buck.


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