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Here is a link to books about snow globes:

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Snow Globes: The Collector's Guide to Selecting, Displaying, and Restoring Snow Globes by Connie A. Moore and Harry L. Rinke

Collector's Guide to Snow Domes: Identification&Values (Paperback) Helene Guarnaccia (Author)
What fun books!
I'm going to have to treat myself to a copy!
Here is more on 'Books About Snow Globes'.

Here is a full list of all known books on snow domes or snow globes. There is one new one from Japan but its cover is all in Japanese, or I would include the title and author. It can be seen on
If anyone knows its title, author or ISBN number, please post it for all to see.

Snow Dome and Snow Globe Books

Snowdomes - By Nancy McMichael - Abeville Press
Snow Domes - By Helene Guarnaccia - Collector Books
Snow Globes - By Connie A. Moore and Harry Rinker - Knickerbocker Press
Boules De Neige - By Veronique Bayle - Syros-Alternatives
Collectible Snowdomes - By Lelie Carnot - Flammarion
Snow Dome - Japanese Book
Schneekugeln By Juliane Seger - Fackeltrager-Verslag
Die Schneekugel By Ulli Ludewig - Jonas-Verslag
Celebrating Snow Globes (Collectibles) by Nina Chertoff and Susan Kahn

Check on Google, Amazon or Ebay for making purchases.


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