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What Was Your Favorite Childhood  Birthday Theme And Cake Topper?


 For me it was a toss up: I remember the Carousel theme with a wonderful cake topper.


I also can  fondly remember  the Ballerina theme party and the wonderful candle holders. Tell us what you remember?

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I remember when growing up that my family and friends had never heard of a theme party, except for 'Birthday'. And the only topping we ever got was candles.  We now have theme parties for the Grandkids.

Donna, After five feet of snow.....all I have now is MUD. If I was having a birthday party, the kids would sink!



My 7 th Birthday - a barbie doll cake which was made in the fashion of a Scarlet O'Hara dress which was presented the morning of my birthday - Because I was born on Feb 16 - the themes my mother chose were based on red and white. I remember the cake and opening o present - a pair of red boots - called galoshes as my mother said - and the rubber boots were red. I had no need to where them that day - and since my birthday celebration would not be until later in the evening. My mother picked me up from school that day because it was a special occasion, until we got home, where we were met with what resembled a box, red rubber, and a barbie doll shorn of her chocolate and white icing, now encased over our dripping with Scarlet's remnants of gown and all covering a cocker spaniel puppy who gayley welcomed us home.

I think I was devastated. The cake was gone, the boots toast and Barbie was lying naked with bitten limbs and crumbled plastic.

Ok - so on one hand - the color theme of red and white for my birthday was a favorite - after my first Barbie's death - I moved on.


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