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For those of you who like to restore or remake, here's a great form.

I think it's a hat from the turn of the century that originally had ostrich plumes on it. I'm going to list it on eBay shortly.


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i just tweeted that! i sell/collect vintage hats, boxes, and millinery flowers but honestly know very little. how can you tell horsehair vs other materials?

That's why the question mark. I've done some research but I don't know either. Anyone?


Wow,  I've collected hats almost all my life and had no idea horse hair was ever used.


I'd be interested to know what you find out.

Horsehair was used for lots of things, including this hat. Crinoline was made from it.

This hat turns out to be Edwardian, (I kind of knew that,) and is made from horsehair crinoline. I needed to be sure it was that old before I claimed it was made with horsehair.

The hat is really only a base, but an authentic one with the dimensions and shape characteristic of the 1900s. So it's a great piece for anyone looking for authenticity and, of course great, material. It's listed on eBay right now:


 If you google crinoline you'll find the process explained...how it is woven. There are some high end companies weaving horsehair even today. But most crinoline (crin) today is made from polyester.

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