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Whilst trying to 'deck my halls' I've found myself in a huge jam before the holidays! It's not unusual
to find it hard to rearrange the furniture to put up our tree and some of my beloved Christmas
collectables, but this year it's impossible. I'm having a hard time admitting it, but I've drug home
one too many cherished finds,(well okay about four) they're all rather large...I haven't had an
antique booth in years but may have to venture into that realm again. In my travels last summer
I brought home the most beautiful steamer trunk I've ever seen, a mid century chair @ matching
ottoman with white leather pads and I've come to realize I may never have my dream porch, so
I've also decided to sell my beloved rare vintage short wicker chaise, that takes up much needed

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It's tomorrow! The opportunity to squeeze everyone into your tiny vintage cottage...gracefully. Just remember, it's not about impressing anyone. It's about focusing on others and making good memories. So stretch out that table into the living room, pull out mix match chairs and light the candles. It's all good.

Rosevine Cottage Girls

Well...if you think your vintage cottage is small, check out this RV that welcomes the season with minimal decorations but tons of warmth!

The Lundy 5: RV Christmas

Now...talk about humble abode for the holidays! :)

How did everyone fare during the holidays - if your entertaining space was small? Love to hear your ideas and see photos too! :)

Are you watching the football play offs this weekend to see if you're hosting a Super Bowl Party in your tiny vintage cottage? Is it looking likely? Lots and lots of ideas in this discussion about how to make that happen!

Oh, this list is great for Small Space Entertaining with thoughts of the Super Bowl happening in a small vintage cottage! My additional comments are in italics. :)

"There are plenty of serving options when the crowd is large and the place is small. Follow our suggestions for easy entertaining.
Use lap trays and let your guests sit on the sofa and chairs in the living area. Don't worry about seating everyone around a table.
Serve restaurant-style, that is, serve each individual plate from the kitchen. This is perfectly acceptable when you don't have room to set up a buffet or to set all of the serving dishes on a dining room table for family-style serving.
Definitely! Gives you a hot plate for your simmering chili and can even keep the oven on low for things that need to stay warm.
Tidy up the laundry room and set the bar up on the washer and dryer. Cover the appliances with a festive tablecloth or sheet, then set up the ice bucket, glasses, and drinks.
I've done this many times, it works great!
Set up a couple of chairs on the porch or balcony, weather permitting.
I don't think "weather permitting" will be anywhere this weekend! LOL!
Use a tub of ice for soft drinks, beer, and wine instead of taking up space in the refrigerator.
Don't take up valuable table space with a large centerpiece. Place a small flower arrangement or bowl of fruit or harvest vegetables on a side table in the living room.

Or make your food creative enough to be the centerpiece!

What are your plans and tips?

It's HERE! Today is the day. Do you have your vintage cottage prepped for Super Bowl Sunday entertaining?

Well, my solution for this special occasion and my small cottage space was to just invite myself and my husband! haha! But, I have on a pot of chili, making Kale Breadsticks and pretending we have a crowd. It will be really, really fun if the Broncos play to win.

Thinking ahead to April 20th and HOW to entertain a small vintage cottage?

Sophia wrote about her experience last year, "Easter is just less than a month away!  It still feels like winter in North Carolina this weekend and I'm hoping the weather turns as egg hunts are much more enjoyable when it's warm!  Despite the cold weather, I brought in fresh flowers to help it feel like Spring and put together a simple, cottage-inspired Spring and Easter brunch tablescape that I hope inspires you for the upcoming holiday..."

While this gem is from The Cottage Company of Harbor Springs, it is not the tiny, humble abode that Debbie's discussion has been addressing. However, it does make a pretty picture and a good idea...if it is too small inside, take it to the porch.

Now that all the 'winter' holidays are past, the outdoor space around your vintage cottage can be utilized for entertaining at last. What a lovely reprieve!

The Corson Cottage

Speaking of holidays (but not small space issues :))...this Traditions Year-Round Holiday Store offers lots of possibilities to decorate the vintage cottage in a patriotic theme.

How do you plan to entertain this Labor Day Weekend at your vintage cottage - especially if it's a small vintage cottage?

Here's a story about a labor day weekend at a cabin in the woods - geared especially for the children.

Our Life on the Hill


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