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Whilst trying to 'deck my halls' I've found myself in a huge jam before the holidays! It's not unusual
to find it hard to rearrange the furniture to put up our tree and some of my beloved Christmas
collectables, but this year it's impossible. I'm having a hard time admitting it, but I've drug home
one too many cherished finds,(well okay about four) they're all rather large...I haven't had an
antique booth in years but may have to venture into that realm again. In my travels last summer
I brought home the most beautiful steamer trunk I've ever seen, a mid century chair @ matching
ottoman with white leather pads and I've come to realize I may never have my dream porch, so
I've also decided to sell my beloved rare vintage short wicker chaise, that takes up much needed

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Check out this link about what one person did with limited space.....

Retro RV's are HOT right now! Talk about a small footprint to work out your living space. And I don't even know how you!

Fly Away Vintage


You have just inspired me to add a Retro RV group. I'm on it tomorrow. Anyone want to moderate?
Ps I'd love to buy one!

Hey Debbie, How's your oversized treasures working out for you these day? :) I hope you have your dream porch by now and are staging the wicker chaise instead of selling it!

I live in a small log cottage and get excited for summer so I can utilize the porch and outside areas for entertaining. Otherwise, it's just us two...and I'm content. :)

Since last night was the first pre-season game for some of the NFL teams in  America, I thought of this discussion thread with a new twist. How do we entertain - make room - for the big screen TV in our vintage cottages? How do we make this giant atrocity fit into our vintage decor? How do we rearrange our living space so our friends can join us in the upcoming football season madness? :)

My Home Ideas offers some suggestions on blending the TV.

Addressing vintage cottage decor around the TV...look at this wonderful decor idea!!

The Old Painted Cottage

I'm milking use of my screened in back porch-turned-closed-in back porch before the temperatures start dropping! Actually, we can turn on a 'space-heater' if needed but it's still a 3 season porch on the back of my log cottage. Here's a tea party I hosted recently out there...

Thinking about small spaces and retro rv's and decorating seasonal...I came across this accomplishment! Mackenzie-Childs decorated a vintage Airstream and it was available for $195,000 in the 1996 Neiman-Marcus Christmas catalog.

An appropriate article for this discussion thread...

Tips for Entertaining in a Small Space Roundup

"We know a couple of people that feel shy about opening up their intimate studios to a party or even more than a handful of people, but having a small space doesn't mean that you have to abstain from entertaining, you just have to be smarter (and more organized) about it.

• No Dining Table, no problem, all you need are floor pillows, a kitchen counter and a coffee table.
• Rearrange. Don't be afraid to rearrange just for the occasion bringing in a piece of plywood to improvise a large table and ask guests to bring their own chairs or just pull up the table to your sofa and call it a day.
• No Coat Closet. Know where to put the coats when there's no closet
• Buffet it out. Don't worry about seating everyone, just set up a chic buffet and let people sit or stand wherever they may. This is great for people actually mixing and mingling, since they can't just sit next to someone they know at a table.
• Small Dining Tables. Go dropleaf for a dining table to save space the rest of the time but still be able to entertain when you want to.
• Keep it Spontaneous. Don't stress over any elaborate plans for entertaining, just keep it small and spontaneous.
• Cozy up. Keep things intimate by gathering around the coffee table.
• Alternate Seating. Try poufs, stools, stacked blankets and pillows for extra seating around the coffee table.
• The Great Outdoors. Take it outside by taking advantage of the nice weather and set yourself up on a porch, a rooftop, a walkway or a back stoop.
• Maximize counter space by going vertical with cake stands and other tiered platters in order to maximize your buffet space.
• Just Cocktails. If your space is just too small for a dinner party, consider stocking your bar and inviting everyone over for drinks and some appetizers and then move on to a restaurant from there. You can also invite people for dessert and a nightcap (pssst: it's dessert week over on the kitchen, get inspired!)"  Apartment Therapy

It's the "holidays" again so this thread is ever so appropriate to continue...Here are Ten Tips for Small Space Entertaining!

What a great article on How to Host Thanksgiving in a Small Space! Even talks about small cooking space for the preparation part.

What about a "mini scape" in the kitchen? This is absolutely beautiful in a cozy vintage cottage setting for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

Red Door Table Decor


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