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If you have a cottage blog I'd love to get the link to visit! Here's mine! I'd looove to have

you visit and please leave a comment so I know where you found me! Deb~

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Here's a "Cottage Blog" that will warm your heart!

Kay Ellen Design

More on the side of vintage china, but this blog is everything need to dream about in a vintage cottage...Vintage Belle!

This cottage blog is actually called: Little Vintage Cottage! So appropriate for this group. Tania is definitely into collecting and selling vintage treasures. But, her last blog story is remodeling a little rental. Enjoy.

What a nice "Cottage Blog" - Far Above Rubies. "The cutest blog on the block."

Our Vintage Home Love

My Photo
Diana @ our vintage home love
Hello! I'm the proud mom of 4 wonderful kids and the wife of an amazing man. They are my life and getting to spend each day with them is what makes me happy. Follow us as we share our passion for DIY projects, vintage finds, designing, building, decorating, organic gardening, cooking and making something from nothing when you have little in your pocket. We hope you'll find some inspiration here. Thanks for stopping by!

White Lace Cottage Blog. Just so frilly and vintage. Shabby chic really.

Here on White Lace Cottage I share tips and tricks to create a vintage style home.
Nothing is perfect in my home, I love the imperfect.
Embrace your style.

Jacqueline talks our language at Cabin & Cottage!

Jamie at An Oregon Cottage, promotes living simply and embracing imperfection. Check out her "cottage" blog!

Welcome to An Oregon Cottage - Home Tour

This is the new cottage blog I discovered today! The Virginia House.

Just noticed one of the members of our group (Holly Pawlowski) has a nice website: The Pink Rose Cottage! Click and look around. She has so many things for sale to add charm to a vintage cottage.

And a sweet cottage blog, also called The Pink Rose Cottage.


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