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If you have a cottage blog I'd love to get the link to visit! Here's mine! I'd looove to have

you visit and please leave a comment so I know where you found me! Deb~

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Hi Deb my blog is kinda cottage.. But i do visit your blog often.. I may not reply but i read it a lot. Love it.
Hi Sheila, I thought I recognized your blog name, I've been to yours too and already a follower! How fun! I was just reading about your horrible plumbing problems, I hope they've all been resolved and holes patched! Hugs Debbie~
I have 2 blogs--a biz and a personal blog....I think I have been to yours before too:) now I am following it!

Good idea to add blog idea.

My blog is

Hi Dianne, I've had your blog saved and visit if fairly often, I looove all your kitschy kitchen items, even though I've pretty much gone all white, my kitchen's still bright yellow and lined with fruity chalk ware and lots of pyrex is put away(but it'll be out for picnics). I haven't quite been able to let go of my 50's beginnings!
Anyhoo, I really enjoy your blog and all the wonderful antiques you showcase! Hugs, Debbie~
Debbie...I also did a book on Cottage Collectibles and on my blog there is a section on the right hand side column for my articles on cottage.

Hi Debbi, I looove your repurposed embroidry items, they're sew sweet! :) Oh, and your garden is just gorgeous!
Did you know we're almost neighbors? Well almost, I also live in the beautiful Pacific NW! North of the Emerald City (Seattle)! Hugs, Debbie~

My Cottage Blog is really in its 'infancy'! LOL I started it to discuss cottage decor, as I have my website:

and Vintage Country Cottage.Com blog:

Let's update and start a NEW Cottage Blog Roll...wanna'? :)

Love all these listed back in the day. Thanks Debbie Hann!

Ooooh...I came across this "cottage blog" today, and was inspired! The Lettered Cottage!

Adorable husband and wife team in Alabama sharing all kinds of delicious tidbits on cottage stuff!



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