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Words that you will often see used to describe a cottage feeling: , shabby, comfy, sweet, soft,charming, casual, light, airy, vintage, chippy, relaxed, informal, worn, used, rusty, chippy, tattered, torn, handmade, nostalgic, cluttered, busy, fresh and at times whimsical and colorful.

Photos Courtesy of Hot Cottage Collectibles for Vintage Style Homes

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And....pink! smile.
Your right....lots of pink ! Dianne
Another term that seems to apply to cottage and shabby, at least when it comes to textiles is "softly faded".
When thinking of shabby decor, the words that come to mind for me are cozy, pale, romantic and ROSES! :)
Judy.....good choices for words to describe cottage, Dianne
Here is a great example of Cottage Style. This is a 1920's sofa with club chair with a slipcovered barkcloth fabric. Pretty, soft, romantic and perfect for any cottage style setting.
Debbie- I love that. Did you do it yourself?


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